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David and Peter began working with the Tatra national park authorities (TANAP) in 2007, in an attempt to better understand the behavior of the European Brown bear in one of its core areas, particularly in terms of conflict with the people of the area. Besides looking at demography, distribution, survival rates and food sources, the project was particularly focused on how bears reacted to the presence of local communities and how the actions of those communities influenced the animals.


There are published works (written up in Slovak) available about the project, and comprehensive reports on the activities of each of the collared bears. Walking with a member of the team on one of our tours will provide amble opportunity to find out more.


The BBC were present at the collaring of Galina, a so-called problem bear. Her subsequent behaviour proved she was anything but a problem. Fixes from her satellite collar showed her covering every square metre of her territory except for a large hole in the middle occupied by the village of Gerlachov.






bear watching experts

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