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Slovakia is Europe’s wildlife gem, known by view outside its immediate neighbours. Put simply, it is the only country in Europe where you can walk with bears.


In 2007 David Guthrie and Peter Lapsansky began a project in the High Tatras region of Slovakia, working with the national park team to collar bears and study their habits, their diet, and most crucially, their interaction with humans.

Over a decade later, Walking With Bears, led by David, Peter and the rangers involved from the project days, offers you the chance to access areas not available to the general public to watch bears in their glorious natural habitat. From special cottages, again usually only available to rangers and researchers, we traverse areas of the greatest environmental sensitivity, led by our ranger, to watch these magnificent brown bears. Whilst sightings can never be guaranteed, we have been successful in finding bears for over 90% of our guests.

A remarkable statistic for an operation which uses no hides and no baiting!

"Slovakia doesn't top most

bearwatchers' hitlists.
But it should."

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what our clients say

Thank you so much for making our holiday so enjoyable. Slovak Paradise Park was an experience we will never forget! Although challenging, because of your guidance, we were able to conquer the stunning gorge. Seeing the bears in their natural habitat was a fantastic experience, especially Mum and her three cubs. Your expert commentary and in depth knowledge was second to none.  The combination of challenging walks, bear watching, good company and sightseeing made a varied and well balanced holiday which was perfect.


Jackie and Len Kane


Bear watching experts




bear watching experts

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